reishi mini cultivoWe, MundoReishi Salud S.L., are a company specialized and exclusively devoted to the research, sale and distribution of reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum mushroom). What is Reishi?

Our product holds the EU’s organic certification, an allergen-free certification and a free GMO (genetically modified organism) certification. Five different laboratories assess the quality and composition of our reishi. Quality guarantee

Having working in this business sector for over 17 years, and being devoted to reishi during the last 8 years, we are a benchmark for quality and customer satisfaction in Europe. Years of intensive research, a continuous global scale crop analysis and a strong motivation to pursuit excellence, has resulted in obtaining a top quality product from the most active reishi mushrooms all over the world, processed in a unique manner that maintains all its properties. Characteristics of our reishi

Do you have any inquiries or doubts?  Feel free to contact us! We provide a whastapp number (text messenger) and a comprehensive forum managed by professional mycologists where we can also answer to any doubt or question related to our product.

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