1-. That it is true Reishi: in the market there are reishi extracts, reishi mycelium (mycelium of the reishi mushroom) and reishi spores (spores of the reishi mushroom). They are really different things!! For it to be reishi, the bottle or container must say: reishi mushroom powder. Look at the ingredients!

2-. That the reishi is micro ground: This technique breaks the mushroom cell walls and allows our gastric, intestinal juices, etc, to access the interior of the cells during digestion and consequently take out and use all their content. 1 gram of micro ground reishi can be equal to 3 g of another not micro ground reishi! (Depending on the grinding size)

3-. That it is clear of pollutants: the eco-label of the product will ensure much cleanness; however, the absence of heavy metals such as lead and cadmium, main pollutants of mushrooms, can only be found in some reishis in the market. A polluted reishi has the virtues of the reishi, but it will pollute us gradually too.


Photo of reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) located in a Mediterranean oak forest, in the province of Palencia.