Thick granulated reishi is made for tea, not for direct consumption, because it is hardly digested when consumed whole.
If we consume whole granulated reishi, depending on the degree of the grinding size, it’s possible that only 80-90% of the product will be used by our body: its pieces are so big that they’re going to go through our digestive tract without “shattering”, just like cork and, in the end, they will go out in the feces (if the latter were examined, we could find them whole there).

granulated-reishiTypical Granulated Reishi for teas (traditional reishi consumption).

The microground reishi is the one that has been ground into particles of thousandths of a millimeter (microns). This technique breaks the walls of all the mushroom’s cells and therefore, allows our gastric juices to access the contents of the interior of the cells and maximize the absorption and the effect of the product in our organism: the micro grinding breaks the fungus’ wall and allows our gastric juices to gain access to the inner contents of the fungal cells, taking full advantage of them.

On the other hand, a gram of microground reishi, as it has been ground into such small sizes, has a huge contact surface. A larger surface allows it to come into contact with more digestive cells and therefore it can modulate the enteroinmune system more effectively. Its effectiveness on the immune receptors of the digestive system could be 200% or 300% higher than the granulated reishi’s.

In addition, the greater grinding of the microground reishi allows very fine dietary fiber to reach the colon and be attacked by the intestinal flora effectively, helping as an excellent prebiotic. The fiber of granulated reishi is so compact that, in the 1.5 to 2 days of transit through the colon, it will only be attacked superficially, so it will hardly affect the intestinal flora.

Video microscopy of microground reishi. All the cells of the fungus are broken and allow maximum digestibility of the reishi.

If you decide to try granulated reishi our advice is to brew it as tea or decoction. The heat and the water will help to extract some molecules that the body would not be able to extract if it wasn’t handled like that. The amount to use should be 2 to 4 times the amount of microground reishi. Ah! And also drink the resulting remains!