How to consume reishi

Many people ask about how to consume reishi. It can be consumed mixed with juice, warm water, herbal tea, mixed with food (lentils, pasta, pastries…), etc. It must be considered as it really is: a food.

However, because of its characteristic bitter taste, we recommend to have it with orange juice, where citrus aromas and bitterness are better combined.

Here is a video on how to prepare it for your consumption:

The amount dissolved in the video is approximately 0,8g.


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¿Do you pick up wild reishi for consumption?

Three tips for wild reishi picking/ consumption:


1- Once collected, to dry it: laminate it and string it up with a thread over a radiator; this way it will dry at a low temperature and will lose less properties.

2- The best way to keep it is using an airtight container such as a jam jar, and in the absence of direct light.

3- When you want to consume it, you can either brew it or, to take advantage of all its virtues, grate it with a kitchen grater and consume it whole, mixed with water or juice.

IMPORTANT: When you pick up mushrooms for consumption, do it only in clean spaces, as if the place is polluted, mushrooms will accumulate harmful substances to a greater or lesser extent.


Is it healthier to consume wild or cultivated Ganoderma lucidum?

cultivated-reisihMundoReishi exclusively works with standardized cultivated mushrooms. Why? Wouldn’t it be better to uhave wild and natural mushrooms?

The composition of the reishi or any mushrooms varies according to the environmental factors in which the mushroom develops: the wood it feeds on, the rain in the area, the temperature at which it grows… This makes wild mushrooms picked in a given time or place different to those picked in another time or another area, and therefore one can’t guarantee constant chemical, physical and nutritional properties in the product. Working with cultivated reishi allow us to control all these factors, in order to guarantee a product with more homogeneous physical, chemical and biological characteristics. Consequently in MundoReishi® we exclusively work with reishi cultivation.

A wild reishi collected in Galicia (northwestern Spain) and another collected in Malaga (southeastern Spain) belong to different living beings and, therefore, may have different properties.

In addition, mushrooms crops guarantee a greater healthy quality, as they have conditions controlled, such as what water was used for growing, if they have been collected with adequate hygienic measures or what food has fed the fungus.

So in MundoReishi® we only work with cultivated fungi and exclusively use well known and studied strains to ensure their properties (genetically verified).

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