Quality control system. Laboratories and certifications

Each flask of reishi that leaves our facilities has passed exhaustive quality control system: chemical, microbiological, genetic … such analysis, if they are requested, can be provided to our customers.

- Sanitary registration number: 21.026871 / P authorized by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety, Consumption and Nutrition

- Allergen Free Certificate, with allergen analytics carried out by an external laboratory: Sistemas Genómicos S.L., Valencia

-Organic certification: European Ecological Product updated: 4156 / 012017CL. Authorized by CAECyl.

-GMO Certification: our reishi neither has contact nor own genetically modified organisms.

We have been working exclusively with reishi since 2010. In 2012 we already registered the brand MundoReishi in the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office.

We have a Sensory Profile document prepared by the University of Cádiz, an entity accredited by the ENAC to prepare such profiles, which gives our reishi the greatest bitterness among all the analyzed reishi mushrooms. Bitterness is the main organoleptic parameter that defines the quality of a reishi mushroom.

Our reishi is been clinically tested. Up to this day we continue investigating and publishing results.

We also have the technical support of the  Mycology Chair at the University of Valladolid.

External laboratories

We work with five external laboratories that verify our product.

All the batches that come out of MundoReishi® go through several demanding chemical, physical and microbiological controls. In addition there is a genetic analysis by a specialized laboratory (AlvaLab).

Our product comes from the most active natural reishi species with the best properties on the market.

Analytical and external laboratories control:

Here you have the list of analysis, laboratories and responsible technicians that verify the quality of our reishi. We can provide any of these analyzes so you can compare with other products in the market.

Routine analyzes:

Chemical and microbiological analysis: AQM Laboratorios. Food and water analysis laboratory. Valladolid.

Genetic analyzes: AlvaLab. Servicio de Diagnóstico Genético. Santander.

Organoleptic analyzes: Luis Miguel Hernández de los Bueis. Winemaker and professional taster. Formación y enología. Salamanca.

Sensory profile of the product: Laboratorio Sensorial de Productos Agroalimentarios del Instituto de Investigación en Agroalimentación de la Universidad de Cádiz (IVAGRO-UCA).

General analyzes:

Technical study of preferred consumption: Laboratorios ITAGRA.

Nutritional Analytics: Agrolab Ibérica S.L.U.

Trace elements: Apinevada Laboratorios.

Aflatoxins: AQM Laboratorios.

Other features that define the quality of our reishi

By working exclusively with reishi mushroom, we have an intense rotation of the product and a minimum storage time that allows us to supply it with maximum quality. It is frequent that the reishi that you consume has just been harvested a few weeks ago.

Our reishi is sold directly to the consumer, to personal distributors and in some stores in Spain (available here). As in the chain there are no stockists, distributors to use, or sub-distributors, the product always arrives fresh to the final customer.