Clinic research performed in Mundoreishi’s reishi mushroom

Mundo Reishi offers you the only commercial reishi mushroom in Europe clinically tested on people.

Clinical research has shown that reishi mushroom increases sleep quality, improves physical qualities, reduces the pain in studied diseases, increases the levels of happiness and wellness, among other benefits. However, it is important to bear in mind that reishi mushroom is food, not medicine.

Here below you can find the abstracts and links of the publications concerning studies with our micro ground reishi mushroom:

Specialized scientific magazine: Fibromyalgia: Open Access

Scientific article published on April, 23th, 2017 Results to highlight: 6 grams / 0.21 oz per day reduce up to 30% of the pain in the studied chronic disease.

ganoderma pain fibromyalgiaNutrición Hospitalaria Magazine: (journal impact factor)

A clinical study carried out in 64 patients. There were results of interest. It improves the physical faculties of patients: The physical performance, resistance, and elasticity of lower limbs. Download here the full research paper (free access article)

ganoderma improved phisical fitness2

MYOPAIN Magazine: A Journal of myofascial pain and fibromyalgia (journal impact factor)

Published on October 11th, 2017. Results to highlight: The improvement of patients’ health-related quality of life (HRQOL) reported in this study was a consequence generated by the intake of micro-ground reishi mushroom. There were an improvement in the capacity to perform quotidian activities, a pain level reduction as well as the reduction of symptoms of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, reishi mushroom consumption in studied patients had a cost-efficacy that saved an average of 1348.55 Euros (1,565 USD) a year per patient.

2017 cost utility ganoderma


Full doctoral thesis: Universidad de Extremadura (University of Extremadura, Spain)

Doctoral thesis made in 2016 by Dr. Francesco Pazzi, in which the properties of our reishi were evaluated. Download it from this link provided by the University. Among all the results obtained, which are also in other studies, it is important to highlight that Reishi mushroom consumption increases happiness. Happiness was evaluated by a general happiness index, which measures happiness in levels from 1 (not very happy) to 7 (very happy).

The reishi mushroom consumption increases sleep quality, which was evaluated by an HRQOL survey.

The reishi mushroom consumption improves the value of the clinical global impression scale, which evaluates the degree of improvement of patients from 1 (much better), to 7 (much worse).

ganoderma tesis

Other research

Currently, we have a research agreement with the Universidad de Valladolid (University of Valladolid, Spain) for the medicinal mushrooms study.

In 2016, The Universidad de Cádiz (University of Cádiz, Spain) performed the Sensory Analysis in our product. The tasting committee evaluated our reishi and concluded that it is the most bitter reishi mushroom of all the reishi compared in the analysis.

In Japan, the bitterness of the reishi mushroom is an organoleptic quality parameter. According to such parameter, our reishi mushroom is the top quality reishi above all the analyzed ones.

Our Managing director, Raul Fraile Fabero, is currently a Researcher of the School of Medicine in the Universidad de Valladolid (University of Valladolid, Spain), in the áreas of Food Science and Nutrition, where he is doing a doctoral thesis about reishi mushroom. For 9 years, he was a researcher and a research coordinator in the Cátedra de Micología de la Universidad de Valladolid (Chair of Mycology of the Univerity of Valladolid). He attends telephone consultations about reishi on Wednesday mornings, from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m.


1-   Owing to the fact that reishi mushroom is food, each pure reishi mushroom product available in the market presents different characteristics that depend on the studied variety, the culture method, the type of substratum utilized, etc. As any apple variety has a particular taste and flavor, there is a change of flavor and composition from one reishi mushroom variety to another. Therefore, such variations also mean a change of virtues and properties in the product. Full explanation in this link. Only Mundoreishi’s reishi mushroom is clinically tested. Other brands might not have the same properties as our product has.

2-    There are many products labeled as reishi which is NOT reishi mushroom. Products such as reishi spores, reishi mycelium or reishi extracts are NOT reishi mushroom. They, therefore, DO NOT HAVE the reishi mushroom’s properties. Click on each product to know the existing differences between them and the pure reishi mushroom.

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