MundoReishi Salud S.L. is a company founded in 2016 that emerged from the evolution of the trademark “MundoReishi, working for your health” registered in 2012 and linked to a particular undertaking.

All MundoReishi’s work and services are related to only one product: the reishi mushroom. The edible and medicinal mushroom par excellence. A product consumed for more than 2000 years as a medicinal product, guaranteed by more than 800 medical publications and more than 1,000 patents. A mushroom that focuses its activity in the activation of the immune system, the protection and the improvement of performance of the organism.

We are the first company in Europe to work exclusively with reishi. We have been innovating, growing and doing research for 4 years. The company, basically offers 4 services supporting health:

1. Sale of products based on pure reishi

From our physical store in Palencia, located in the street Eras del Bosque 1, we directly sell our pure reishi products to our clients, previously bottled in our factory premises in Venta de Baños. Besides, we have a network of dealers ans shops nationwide and this portal on the internet, also used for national and international sales. Get the best reishi in our shop now.

2. New functional food development service


We have a service for food companies to whom we advise to transform their foods into functional foods (foods with virtues), by adding medicinal mushrooms, such as reishi.

If you would like to add reishi to your products, do not hesitate to contact our R&D department. The study and design of the product, tasting panels, chemical and nutritional analyzes, etc… We will do all that in our laboratories and with our specialists and associated analysis companies, at no cost to you. We only ask that we will be your reishi supplier and if, you find a better reishi, you can change us for another supplier.

3. Scientific and medical research and collaboration service


We collaborate on applied research based on medicinal mushrooms. Look at the news section to see the latest studies and results of the research conducted with our product.

If you are a researcher, specialist or research coordinator in a public or private entity and want to evaluate people and/or work with our products, please, contact us. We will be very happy to cooperate with you, as we are currently doing with several universities.

4. Assistance and training

formacionIn MundoReishi we offer consultation and technical/scientific advice for citizens, personally at our headquarters in Palencia, but also by phone and by WhatsApp app (click here).

We also do that by conducting training and dissemination on medicinal mushrooms throughout the country, by means of conferences, newspaper articles, television, etc. Contact us if you would like to request that our specialist give a conference is your area or a course, for example. We have been devoted to giving training and studying mushrooms and fungi for more than 15 years.